Dick Truman and Erin Truman Wedding July 2014

Congratulations to Dick Truman and Erin Truman! I know you have been patiently waiting for your surprise so here it is!

I have been reviewing my business lately and realized how wrong I am doing things. Brides always ask me where to view my wedding photos. I am always referring them to my webpage where they can flip through a few random images. As a client, it would not be at all what I vision for someone capturing my big day. When I am behind the camera its never here is that photo.. here is this one.. Its moments that take my breath away. They tell a story. Moments that only I can see through my lens. Moments that as a bride you may not be aware are even happening. I want you to sit back and take a few minutes to view a wedding in my shoes. So here it is! Grab some tissues and please let me know what you think!

As always make sure to choose 1080p Hd in the player settings and turn up the volume.

Click Here To View Video!



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