Bradford PA & Olean NY Maternity Photographer | Katie Boser Photography |Throwback Thursday

Starting a new blog series called Throwback Thursday!

When these two approached me about doing their pregnancy announcement session, I was beyond excited! LOVE the way these pictures turned out!

I absolutely love photographing mommas in flowing gowns that show off their bumps! These make for ethereal, dream-like photos! 

I often hear from pregnant mammas that they feel uncomfortable, un-pretty, and “not themselves” while carrying. You are more beautiful than you realize, and you will be so happy to have images of this time in your life!  

To book a maternity shoot, just schedule online! Have some questions first? Check out my FAQ page or email me directly.

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Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park| Katie Boser Photography |Family Photos

Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park
The awesome Parents: Jason and Kristin
Meet: Mason is an adventurer and loves being in the woods.
Meet: Colton has a wild imagination and loves robots, video games and battle bots.
Meet: Braelyn is loves dolls, ballet and Frozen. Her favorite colors are pink, purple and anything that sparkles.
Thunder Rocks at Allegany State Park

I absolutely adore this family!

Thunder Rocks is a rock city that is located in Allegany State Park. It is made up of huge rocks that you can observe and walk up to. It is a great place to visit with your family.. see more

Winnie The Pooh Cake Smash Session|first Birthday |Katie Boser Photography | Bradford Pa 16701

Summit’s Vintage Winnie The Pooh Cake Smash

How cute is this little Pooh Bear?! Summit had so much fun playing in his cake. Although I’m not sure he was too big a fan of actually eating it, he definitely enjoyed making a mess of his cake smash and has the pictures to prove it.

Happy birthday little guy!
Summit did so well and even brought his own very special Winnie the Pooh bear with him.

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” —Winnie-the-Pooh. How true! One day Summit will grow up, and his parents can look back on this adorable birthday session and keep their little boy forever in their hearts.

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Style and Select – Katie Boser Photography – What to Wear!

When you book a photoshoot with Katie Boser Photography, you will never have to stress about styling your session. With Style and Select, we have the best tools in the industry to design a wardrobe that allows you to feel fantastic for your photos. Most importantly, styling your session comes at no extra cost to you. The owners over at Style and Select offer nothing but the trendiest outfit choices for your wardrobe. We feel this service is invaluable and we want you to get excited about dressing up for this special day.

No more running store to store and no more guessing! Feel free to play around with the wardrobe options until you have selected the perfect outfit combo! Click the shopping cart symbol on the items you like to make sure the retailer has your desired sizing and then email yourself the selected items.

No more running store to store and no more guessing! Feel free to play around with the wardrobe options until you have selected the perfect outfit combo! Click the shopping cart symbol on the items you like to make sure the retailer has your desired sizing and then email yourself the selected items.

Where do you find all these amazing outfits?

Look no further than your email. Style and Select has thought through every detail. Once your style board is complete, you will receive an email with a layout of the chosen outfits. As you scroll, each outfit will be matched to a link with a price that leads you directly to the website to purchase your outfit pieces. Can they make it any easier than that?

How do I get access to Style and Select?

I will email you a styling code and a link to the questionnaire. That’s all you need to get started! I highly recommend discussing outfits with me because I know what colors work best at the location we’ll be shooting at. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me with clothing questions. I want to help!

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Lets get to know each other!

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

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Bradford PA Photographer |Xavier Newborn Session|Katie Boser Photography

It’s always such a delight photographing this amazing family! One of the perks of being a photographer is watching how families grow throughout the years! Congratulations Devin and Danielle on another perfect little man!

Check out their entire maternity album here:

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Bradford PA Photographer | Maternity Photos – Leah and Rob|Katie Boser Photography

Leah and I go way back! So many memories shared with her in art class! She is truly a remarkable woman! Every day she balances the world on her shoulders, and does it so gracefully! She is an MS warrior, a devoted fiance & mother, a loyal friend who is always just a phone call away, a talented makeup artist, hairstylist, has a college degree, and she also managing her family own restaurant NY Style Deli and Pizza. (Just to name a few!) She is the definition of super woman! Take a look at her amazing family below. It was such an honor capturing this milestone for you!

I am beyond excited for the next chapter for Leah and Rob!

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Bradford PA |Couple Goals |D&K |Katie Boser Photography

Dakotah and Kaitlin aka couple goals! Just look how cute they are below!


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Bradford PA Photographer | Seal Fall FAMILY Photos!|Katie Boser Photography

I had such a WONDERFUL time taking photos for the Seal family this fall! Here are just a few sneak peeks from their session.

My ultimate goal with every family session is for every family to have a good time. I want moms to forget about their complicated schedule of kid events. I want kids to relax and have fun with their parents. I want dads to realize family pictures aren’t really that bad after all. It’s a day filled with togetherness and being connected and having fun with each other.

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  hours  minutes  seconds


Until Christmas Minis Start! Book Today!

Bradford PA Photographer | Amber & Bentlee FAMILY Session|Katie Boser Photography

I’m pretty sure that every mom can agree, once you have children, photos of their little faces fill your phone gallery.  However, when you scan through your gallery, how many of those photos include you and your child? Now is the perfect time to capture memories with your children, regardless of where you or your kids are in life.

Mommy and me sessions provide a space where those natural interactions and emotions can play out, resulting in a mini time capsule of your current relationship. You might even want to make this an annual tradition so that you can beautifully document the relationship with your children.

Amber & Bentlee

Take a look at some of my favorite moments during our session!

Such a special place in my heart for this family! I love seeing them year after year!
*Even though I am a little bitter they forgot to take me to Disney World with them last winter… next time?
I have had the honor of photographing Bentlee for the past few years! He is always such a pleasant well mannered kid! He always has me laughing!During our session he started to strike his own poses! He nailed it!
Mom wanted to incorporate their love for the Buffalo Bills! I love this!
#buffalo bills family photos

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Bradford PA Photographer | Hill FAMILY Session|Katie Boser Photography

There is so much love within this family, it radiates and I absolutely love how every part of their love is so apparent in every photo we took.

S00000 many tickles and giggles!
I love these happy & authentic family moments

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Bradford PA Photographer |First Cake Smash Session|WILD ONE|Katie Boser Photography

Grayson’s Wild ONE Birthday Cake Smash

We started his session with some adorable portrait photos. 
Those little teeth!
Mom had to jump in for some tickles!
Look at that crown! He was striking all these poses all on his own!

It was time to bring out the cake! Hand made by Aunt, this cake was made with extra love! His outfit was to die for! 

All sessions are custom designed for each client. 
Sometimes the frosting becomes finger paint!
Even with cake, he tried to escape the set!
From newborn -first year! Check out this then vs now!


This cake was perfection!

CAKE BY: Skye Alexis(Skye’s Cakes)

Designing a cake for your every occasion!
-Baby shower

Facebook page:

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

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Bradford PA Photographer | TWINS Session|Katie Boser Photography

There’s something indescribably awesome about twin babies. You can see immediately that they share an incredible bond with one another. As you look at their photos, you can almost feel their special relationship.

These little babies spent most of the session asleep, and they were very content to snuggle up against each other. I suppose they’re used to being near each other from the womb!


I hope you enjoy these incredible photos of these adorable TWIN BOYS!

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Bradford PA Photographer | FAMILY Session|Katie Boser Photography

The day of the shoot was just perfect.  It was bright and sunny and an 85 degree day!  We definitely were able to get lots and lots of playing and action shots running and playing in the water.

She sure does love her daddy!

Thank you to all my clients for the opportunity to photograph your story.  I love getting to know my clients and playing an important role in capturing your changing families.

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

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Bradford PA Photographer | Newborn Session | TWINS|Katie Boser Photography

I used to think that there was nothing sweeter then a sleeping baby. Now I know that there is only one thing sweeter, two sleeping babies!

Meet Lincoln and Logan! This lovely set of twins is the newest addition to the Matzner family. These babies couldn’t have been born into a more loving home.

Bradford PA Photographer | FAMILY Session|Katie Boser Photography

I absolutely adore them.


There’s so much I could say on this topic. I think you already know it’s important, but there are a ton of excuses holding you back. It’s never the right time, the kids won’t cooperate, you’re waiting to lose the weight, buy a new outfit, get your hair done, etc., etc. I’ve told myself all of these things. Just for once I want you to ignore all of that and do it anyway. For them. Even if they whine, complain, make funny faces, or cry. Do it anyway. And keep trying. Make it a tradition. You’ll be so grateful you did. I promise!

It was such an honor to capture these memories for them.
It was such an honor to capture these memories for them.

If you’re searching for a photographer within the Bradford Pa area,

please contact me to schedule your session!

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Bradford PA Photographer | Newborn Session | Baby Ahnna|Katie Boser Photography


I can’t remember the last time an older sibling was as smitten with their new baby as big sister Brylee is with “her baby Ahnna” After all older sister named her!

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

Bradford PA Photographer | Newborn Session | Baby Elliott|Katie Boser Photography

Beautiful newborn baby Elliott was just the best during his newborn photography session! With a full belly, he slept perfectly through his shoot.

I hope you enjoy a little peek into his session. 

Brother is a person who is there when you need him; someone who picks you up when you fall; a person who sticks up for you when no one else will; a brother is always a friend.

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

Newborn Photographer|Bradford PA Photographer | Newborn Session | Baby Adalyn|Katie Boser Photography

Here’s a sneak peek of beautiful baby Adalyn!

She’s simply the sweetest thing ever!

Thank you to this sweet family for allowing me to capture Adalyn’s newborn photos – I hope you treasure these forever!

© 2022 Katie Boser Photography

55 Main Street, Bradford Pa 16701

The nightmare before Christmas|Cake Smash | Ryker First Birthday Photos at Katie Boser Photography | 55 Main Street Bradford Pa | Jack the Skeleton

I was beyond excited when mom mentioned she wanted to do The nightmare before Christmas/Jack Skeleton theme cake smash! It was so much fun to create this custom painted backdrop to go with the set. Ryker was a busy boy crawling all over the sets, but he certainly loved his cake!


Cake by:


Rating: 1 out of 5.




TOP FIVE – Must Have Baby Items | From The Baby Whisper: Katie Boser | Katie Boser Photography Bradford Pa Newborn Photographer

Every single newborn session I hear the comments Where did you get that?? orWe need to buy that! And that’s where this post comes into place! In the last 9 years I have had my fair share of testing newborn products and finding the best deals!

Here is a list of my favorite unique items that you should consider purchasing!


If you have had your newborn photographed at my studio you already know what this is! This is the one key to a successful sleeping baby! It takes the “shushhhh shushhhh” you would probably repeat over and over again, and packs it into this unique device. You can also adjust the volume and attach to your car seat when on the go!

PROS: Perfect for travel! I swear by this thing! It runs off of a few AA batteries and in the last 6 years I have only had to replace them once. Its one of those items you can trust.

CONS: The only con I have is that it times out. There are two settings: 15 to 30-minute timer. Perhaps this would be enough for at home, but for studio I tend to just reset it a few times during the session.


Mom of boys here! Yep they always pee as soon as you take that diaper off! When my kids were younger we would literally replace the changing table cover on a daily basis. Who knew they made these liners! (or am I the only one who lives under a rock?) These are not just for boys! I have these at the studio and they have been a life saver for those blow outs from both genders! I highly recommend purchasing these!

PROS: I think they speak for themselves! Being fabric they are also wonderful to place over you travel pad. Those plastic things get cold! MACHINE WASHABLE & DURABLE USE. Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin

CONS: I never realized these existed until after my kids were out of diapers.

(click here to purchase) LINK: CHANGING TABLE LINERS


Swaddling is the art of snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security. It can keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, and it can help her stay warm and toasty for the first few days of life until her internal thermostat kicks in. It may even help to calm your baby.

Lets talk wraps! Yes the infamous swaddle! “HOW DO YOU DO IT?” Let me first start off by saying forget the receiving blankets! The type of fabric you need has to stretch!

We offer the newborn wraps at our studio so there is no need to buy any for your session. But for showing purposes I have included the top two images of the girls in these specific wraps found on amazon. I cant go home with you to help you wrap your newborn, but I can give you some amazing product links and teach you at your session how to do it! Just ask!

(click links to purchase) NEWBORN GIRL WRAPS

(click links to purchase) GENDER NEUTRAL WRAPS

4. Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Pad

Yes laddies, a vibrator! Vibrations help baby to fall asleep – perfect for bedtime, naptime, or to calm a fussy baby. How many of us stand there swinging the car-seat to sooth the baby? Im guilty! Although I enjoy the free arm work out, it gets to be to much. I highly recommend this product! No more dreading long red lights, traffic stops, constant holding! Truly, you will love this!

PROS: The pad easily slips under a crib mattress or bassinet and creates gentle, soothing vibrations to help lull baby to sleep. The convenient portable design even allows you to soothe on the go.

CONS: Although its cord-free, the batteries provide 24+ hours of soothing vibrations. The batteries wont last long. Buy rechargeable batteries!

(click here to purchase) Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Pad

(click here to purchase) Rechargeable Batteries <value pack

(click here to purchase) Rechargeable Batteries <single pack


The PACIFIER! You might already have these amazing mute buttons on your list, but I want to make sure you like really really really have them on your list! These things tend to to run away from you. I like to imagine them as “forkey” from Toy Story – you know the part where he keeps disappearing into the trash.. same concept. You turn around – its gone? Keep a pack in your glove box! Hide them in that stroller pocket you never use! Better yet get an animal attached to it and never dig around your new bundle of (screaming their head off) joy carseat again!


(click here to purchase) Pacifier Bundles

(click here to purchase) Pacifier Animals

I love hearing all the adorable names families use for their baby’s pacifiers!


  1. Binky
  2. Bip
  3. Bobo
  4. Bubba
  5. Button
  6. Chupy
  7. Fee Fee
  8. Hushie
  9. Kiki
  10. Nini
  11. Nubby
  12. Nuk / Nookie
  13. Paci 
  14. Pip / Pippy
  15. Plugger
  16. Seussy
  17. Soothie
  18. Soo Soo
  19. Sucky
  20. Wubby 

What does your family call yours?!